Tata Power-DDL believes and resolutely adheres to the highest safety standards and is committed to providing a safe working place and environment to its employees, BA employees and its customers as a basic part of its business philosophy and values.

While efficiency and effectiveness in all our processes are of prime importance, safety remains our first priority. At Tata Power-DDL, we strive to deliver reliable power supply and high-end customer services to all of our customers and we always do so with the safety of our employees and customers in mind.

We have woven and bound safety practices into all our business processes through an Integrated Safety Management approach, which focuses on people, processes, systems, technology and facilities. The Integrated Safety Management is supported by leadership and our employee commitment at all levels.

We firmly believe that accidents and risks to health are preventable through continual improvement in the work environment and the involvement of all employees in creating a safe, healthy & an accident-free workplace for employees which then extends to the society at large.

The company observes regular safety audits along with emergency mock drills in order to create a safety culture and increase the importance of safety among the workforce. There is extensive use of IT interventions in developing Safety processes and audiovisual mediums are also used for augmenting training and creating public awareness.

Tata Power-DDL has implemented several safety innovations like online safety training modules for engineers and business associate employees. This is done in order to enhance their awareness, skill and competence levels, for the application and reportage of safety issues and its monitoring till logical conclusion, skilling them to absorb the automated procedure for generation, circulation and monitoring of CAPA (corrective action, preventive action) compliance at the field level.

To enhance the Safety awareness amongst the general populace residing in our operational area, Tata Power-DDL conducts drives for earth leakage testing of electrical equipment installed in public places like parks, road, ATM, etc. In addition, Tata Power-DDL conducts a Suraksha Jagriti Abhiyaan in the form of street plays in order to demonstrate safe practices. So far, we have conducted over 80 street plays this year towards enhancing safety awareness in the community. This helps to engage and involve consumers towards developing a culture of safety.

Like every year, this year too, we have reached out to more than 300 schools covering 1, 12,000 children to whom we took the message of safety & energy conservation.

Tata Power-DDL requests you become part of this promotion and establishment of a culture of safety, through various drives, so that each walk of life is "Safe and beautiful". Our desire is to reach out and promote the value of life, safety and the need to save energy for the next generation.